Real Ninja Book Cover The search for the truth about NINJAS and their real history ends here. The Real Ninja book has detailed historical accuracy rarely found anywhere else!

  • Learn REAL ninja secrets and the various techniques they used to assassinate a target.

  • Find out true facts on how ninjas really did their espionage.

  • Explore the multiple ninja disguises and how they were used.

  • See how the information ninjas gathered changed Japan’s history forever!

  • Read about the 6 ninja weapons that every ninja made sure they had with them before leaving home!

  • Get educated about the specifics of ninja swords (called “shinobi katana”) and why they were so different from Samurai Swords!

Dr Hirohisa Oda’s book ‘Real Ninja’ is the best remedy to this lamentable situation that I have found. Aiming to “describe the ninja as they actually were, rather than the movie industry perspective” Real Ninja is the most historically accurate book on the Ninja that I have ever read (and I have read a few, as I have been utterly hooked on ninja stuff since I was about 12). It also contains many fascinating historical stories and examples which really serve to bring the ninja to life in your mind as you are reading. – review posted on Hubpages by Kephrira

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Ninja assassin with Shuriken (throwing knife) and Shinobi Katana (ninja sword)

Dr. Hirohisa Oda’s REAL NINJA book, takes you back in time to early Japan when ninjas played an important role in gathering intelligence for their employers during both war and peaceful times. Many historical battles in Japan were won due to the inside intelligence collected by hired ninjas.

Dr. Oda wrote the “Real Ninja” book to explain the truth about these famous “spies”, whose activities in the past have become legendary due to their seemingly “inhuman” feats. His passion for finding the truth and investigating real history is what makes this particular ninja book an amazing resource for anyone wanting to know more about these incredible masters of espionage!

The contents and illustrations of “Real Ninja” are based on rare historical materials which were originally to be found written only in Japanese. Dr. Oda studied these contents and other secret historical information sources to create the final Real Ninja book publication written in English.

Real Ninja–an exquisitely informed and thoroughly researched commentary on the actuality of a social phenomenon, essentially a secret service. — Wladislaw Ellis, M.D.

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Real Ninja Book Cover

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“Without reading this book, you don’t have the true story on the ninja! This book is an exquisite historical account of the various activities of the ninja and their influence on the various political and military events in Japan for over 1500 years. Definitely a must for those interested in the Ninja Arts, Ninja Secret Service, weaponry, and devices. Contents and illustrations are based on rare historical materials written in Japanese.” –

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“Real Ninja” is a historical account of ninjutsu. The book begins with a discussion of the ninja clans, their employment by the Shogunate, and famous individual ninja such as `Fuuma’ and `Tobikatoo’. We also get to read of associated groups such as the `Oniwaban’ – Garden Security Samurai, and the `Negoru Group’ – the Matchlock Gunner Group.

Dr. Hirohisa Oda then reviews various ninja tools. We learn of the `Rokugu’ or the six items always carried by a ninja whenever he stepped out of his house. Of course we read of weapons such as the ninja sword and the shuriken, but careful reading also reveals tips such as employing `metsubushi’ (Blinding Powder) by rolling it in a narrow strip of cloth and then snapping that cloth toward the enemy’s face to cast the metsubushi into his eyes.

Reading about the `ninja arts’ we learn about `yamabiko’ (employment of double agents), ninja codes (angoo), and various poisons such as trychnos, balloon fish, and moonlight mushroom.

A brief explanation of the ninja nine signs of concentration is given with photographs showing each hand position.

Next we get a description of ninja houses and the secrets that were built into them, along with a list of still-existing ninja houses in Japan.

Although we tend to see the ninja as spies and assassins in the popular press, Dr, Hirohisa Oda shows us how the ninja were often associated with physicians, and how physicians became ninja.

Finally we see modern day ninja, such as the Nakano School, established in 1938, and used to train the Japanese military in ninjutsu techniques.

The student of ninjutsu should have an understanding of the history of the ninja, and that is just what one gets with `Real Ninja”. I recommend this book for any serious student of ninjutsu. – M. Chesbro (Rainier, Washington)

“This book is very informative. It goes into more detail than most of the other publications on the market. As a new student in the bujinkan, I find that the more I understand the history and lineage behind the art, the more intrigued I become. This book, like the art, is riveting.” – B. Burks (Jefferson, GA)

“This is an extremely informative book about the real Ninja of history — as opposed to what we’ve picked up from the movies. There’s plenty of information about the actual history of actual men who were Ninja, about their training and their use as spies, about the tools of their trade (weapons, poisons, disguises, incredible getaways), and about their importance in Japanese military events. Neat drawings, and photos too.” Un-named customer



Real Ninja Book Cover

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"The student of ninjutsu should have an understanding of the history of the ninja, and that is just what one gets with "Real Ninja". I recommend this book for any serious student of ninjutsu." – M. Chesbro (Rainier, Washington)