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Ninja expert and author of the “Real Ninja” book, Dr. Hirohisa Oda, explains the different types of weapons commonly used by ninja and how it was important that they were hidden well or camouflaged by their professions.

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Matsuo Bashoo was the most famous poet during the Edo Period in Japan. There is strong evidence that some historians believe he may have also been a Ninja (details can be found in Dr. Oda’s “Real Ninja” book).Monument for Matsuo Bashoo

Matsuo Bashoo Monument

The “Real Ninja” spends a few pages on Bashoo’s life and details why it is possible that Bashoo may have been a Ninja and hired by the Edo Shogunate. It was not uncommon for Ninja to use their undercover status as an artist or physician to access places easily without being questioned too much.

Matsuo Bashoo Gravesite - Was he a ninja?Matsuo Bashoo Gravesite

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The Nagatonokami Fujibayashi Clan was 1 of the 3 most famous ninja clans in Japan. This picture was taken by Dr. Hirohisa Oda, the author of “Real Ninja”, while he was doing his research on the history of Ninja’s and Ninjutsu.Nagatonokami Fujibayashi Clan Gravesite

Site located in Iga, Japan

Another lesser known fact about ninjas is that many had skills and knowledge of magic. They could use simple illusions to distract or complete their mission to “steal” information for their employer. Below is an interview with Dr. Hirohisa Oda. We spoke about what ninjas were and how they did their work. Dr. Oda shows us a little “slight of hand” techniques that ninjas may have known how to do to distract someone or make something seemingly disappear!

Ninja in the shadowsIf you’re looking to get a better understanding about Ninjas and why they’ve remained so intriguing over the years, start by picking up the book called “Real Ninja”, written by Dr. Hirohisa Oda.  Although his education specialty is in medicine, his passionate interest in history, weaponry, and military tactics has led him to write about ninja’s with strong detail to historical accuracy dealing with events in Japan. Ninjas played an important role in information gathering. They were the “REAL” spies of the time, infiltrating enemy clans from the inside and passing on the information back to their employers. REAL NINJA explains the amazing spying techniques and how ninjas used a multitudes of tools and tricks (including hypnosis, illusions, and poisons) to gather information or assassinate a target.

Real Ninja Book Cover

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Real Ninja Book Cover

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