Another lesser known fact about ninjas is that many had skills and knowledge of magic. They could use simple illusions to distract or complete their mission to “steal” information for their employer. Below is an interview with Dr. Hirohisa Oda. We spoke about what ninjas were and how they did their work. Dr. Oda shows us a little “slight of hand” techniques that ninjas may have known how to do to distract someone or make something seemingly disappear!

2 Responses to “Ninja Secret Weapon – MAGIC”

  • Jack the wolf ninja:

    I love ninjustu and want to study more I have pactice the nine levels of and want to understand kri ri ki je so give me so info thank you for telling the truth

  • Mithilesh Rajbhar:

    I m Intersting to learn ninja technic but i m going very slow in this i m going handstand and i m searchig sum think new in that according to real ninja think, I m marging my own think in (ninja + yoga + Parkour + Vamp Law )

    is my think for super technics and life style.


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