Ninja in the shadowsIf you’re looking to get a better understanding about Ninjas and why they’ve remained so intriguing over the years, start by picking up the book called “Real Ninja”, written by Dr. Hirohisa Oda.  Although his education specialty is in medicine, his passionate interest in history, weaponry, and military tactics has led him to write about ninja’s with strong detail to historical accuracy dealing with events in Japan. Ninjas played an important role in information gathering. They were the “REAL” spies of the time, infiltrating enemy clans from the inside and passing on the information back to their employers. REAL NINJA explains the amazing spying techniques and how ninjas used a multitudes of tools and tricks (including hypnosis, illusions, and poisons) to gather information or assassinate a target.

Real Ninja Book Cover

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Real Ninja Book Cover

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"The student of ninjutsu should have an understanding of the history of the ninja, and that is just what one gets with "Real Ninja". I recommend this book for any serious student of ninjutsu." – M. Chesbro (Rainier, Washington)