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Ninja expert and author of the “Real Ninja” book, Dr. Hirohisa Oda, explains the different types of weapons commonly used by ninja and how it was important that they were hidden well or camouflaged by their professions.

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Origins of the term, “Ninja”

Shinobi Kanji - conceal
“Shinobi” – conceal

According to many ninja technique books, called “Ninjyutsu Sho”, the word ninja originates from “shinobi”   which means to “conceal”. A Legend says that the expression “shinobi”, was first used by Prince Shootoku Taishi around the 590’s to the 610’s, as a reference to the covert activities of ninja. It is supposed that the Prince obtained important information from a ninja, named Sakihito Ootoomo, prior to listening to his counselors. It is said that people were impressed by the Prince’s ability to respond to ten or more of his counselor’s questions and request, without hesitation. (excerpt taken from page 6 of “Real Ninja” book)

Real Ninja Book Cover

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Real Ninja Book Cover

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